SEO Copywriting

We love SEO Copywriting also known as Digital Copywriting. As your trusted SEO copywriters we are responsible for writing, editing, and publishing website and digital marketing copy.

Building a brand voice can be challenging. From our experience, many companies out there struggle with making the transition online. Sadly, many can’t seem to get it quite right.

But have no fear. We are here to make sure your target audience understands, relates and shares your online content.

We successfully turn your brand voice and spirit into keywords and phrases that incite action across digital properties. When combined with advanced SEO strategy you have content, copy, and marketing materials that go the distance.

We also offer white label SEO copywriting services such as:

  • Liaise with clients – from set-up to completion. We can check in with the client regularly, either by phone, email or face-to-face
  • Carry out project scoping and create a clear brief, in order to ensure you understand what the client wants
  • Tailor content and style of individual writing assignments according to their purpose – whether they are intended to sell or inform
  • Understand your target audience – you’re not writing for the client, you’re writing for their readers, so you’ll need to know what interests them
  • Identify key messages – understand the main thing that you want the reader to feel and do and how to communicate this powerfully
  • Work with creative teams to ensure that the visual elements of the webpage complement the words
  • Research your client’s industry and their audience
  • Identify fresh and interesting angles for your articles
  • Write for web pages, blogs and potential for social media, e-books, slogans, and video script
  • Edit your own and others’ writing
  • Provide other digital content, such as images and video, if required
  • Input your content to the client’s content management software (CMS), if required
  • Work with your team to review the impact of your work
  • Assist with business pitches to win new clients or projects.
  • …and much more.

St. Louis SEO Pro is here to guarantee your brand’s voice is heard online.

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